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A film, expressed a various decoration design on a glass or plastic surface.
MDD Print

MDD : Micro Dry process Decoration

- Owning various functional inks : a fluorescence ink, a pattern ink, a NCVM ink, an indum ink.
- Possible to apply various solutions as silk hybrid and NCVM hybrid
- A ultra-thin heating digital printing solution of the way of roll to roll, that is availavle to apply to 7 inks at one process

  • Hologram

  • MDD+UV Molding

  • Metal Color

  • Roll to Roll

  • Free Design

  • Unlimited
    Color Printing

  • Gradation Printing

  • High Quality

  • Thin Printing

  • No Need To Dry

  • Excellent Color

  • Various Types &
    Small Quantity Products

Simple & Easy Process

  • Comparision


    How to



  • General Printing

    20㎛ (5 dgree standards)

    Need a process to dry with a sheet type

    Realization of color : color deviation, low reproducibility

    There is some limitations of making it

  • MDD Printing

    Ultra-thin printing 5㎛ (5 dgree standards)

    No need to dry with a digital printing that a way of roll to roll.

    possible to print mass production

    It is possible to print gradient as an actual image
    printable metalic NCVM ink
    It is available to express diverse effects of texture and
    feeling as hologram, metal, and reflectation etc

  • Type A

    Tint + UV Pattern
  • Type B

    Pattern Ink Tint + UV Pattern
  • Type C

    Evaporation-coating Gradation + UV Pattern
  • Type D

    (Multi) Color Film+ UV Pattern
  • Type E

    Evaporation-coating Solid-color + UV Pattern
  • Type F

    Color Film + UV Pattern
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