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SEGYUNG HITECH possessing the best technology under the experience of global market in an industrial market.

Functional Tape for Fixed and Protective Role of Mobile Device or Display Products

Mobile phone parts joining, protection, process, waterproof, heatproof, foam, challenge, insulation, etc. Various Functional Films and Adhesive Tape
Approximately 30-40 functional films and adhesive tape per model
Mass machining production using high-speed press and rotary equipment

  • Based on global infrastructure

    - Provide high-quality products with stable processing quality.

    - Local quality, production and customer response through operation of overseas branch.

  • Securing processing technology and stable quality competitiveness

    - Retention of high-speed press and rotary press mold design and process technical know-how.

    - High productivity and cost competitiveness with Rotary Press processing

    - Highest number of Rotary Press compared to competitor

    - Production of Roll to Roll enables automation of post-processes

Manufacturing processes
Global Customers