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SEGYUNG HITECH possessing the best technology under the experience of global market in an industrial market.

Optical adhesive film applied to each type of display unit and Window Module
  • Cover Glass

  • Deco Film

  • Optical Film

  • ITO Sensor

  • Optical Film

  • OLED

  • Functional Tape

Transparent optical adhesive film used in displays
OLED / Sensor / Glasses fixation, inorganic film for attachment
Minimize light loss between display module and touchpanel and display cover glass

  • Quality competitiveness

    Retention of an environment for processing optical films
    Better foreign body management than other companies
  • Manufacturing Competitiveness

    Retention of processing power by material properties
    Providing solutions by concept and type of customer product
  • Price competitiveness

    Use a processing solution to gain a competitive edge in price compared to competitors
  • Delivery Period Competitiveness

    Excellent development and delivery period through direct processing
Technology & Material
  • Scale

    - Small (3.5" to 7")

    - Medium (7" to 10.1")

    - Large (10.1" and Up)

  • Thickness

    - Thin Films
    (25㎛, 50㎛, 100㎛)

    - Thick Films
    (125㎛, 150㎛, 175㎛,
    200㎛, 250㎛)

  • Type

    - Soft, UV Hardening Type,

    - AS Film,

    - AR Film

    - AG Film

  • Manufacture

    - Sandwich Type

    - 1-to-1 Type

    - Lightweight Offset Type

    - Handle Type

Manufacturing processes
Global Customers