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Centennial SG Hitech, Coexisting with Nature and Growing with the Community

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SG Hitech ESG Management Principles (19 August 2021)

SG Hitech ESG Management Principles



(VISION) Se Gyung Hi Tech Co., Ltd. (hereafter ‘company’) recognizes the seriousness of environmental · societal sustainability crises, including climate change and the loss of natural capital, and strives to contribute to the sustainable future of humankind through technology and innovation.

(GOAL) To effectively achieve the company’s ESG management goal of “Centennial SG Hitech, Co-existing with nature and Growing with the Community,” we set ESG management principles aiming for responsible actions on the environment, climate change, safety, health, human rights, and labor in all the sectors of business operation.

(SYSTEM) The company shall set a decision-making process and soft & hardware infrastructures for the effective and actual operation of the principles, and regular review and update its supplementary rules.

(STAKEHOLDER) The company shall regularly communicate and cooperate with crucial stakeholders including customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, government, and community to cope with the current issues.

(CUSTOMER & SUPPLIER COOPERATION) The company shall strive to meet the human rights, labor, environmental and social standards required by the international community and clients, and conducts due diligence if necessary so the company’s supply chain should be managed at the same level.



- The company complies with domestic laws and international agreements on environmental degradation, climate change, biodiversity, safety, and health.
minimize environmental & societal impact from entire development, manufacturing, logistic, use, and disposal of the products.
monitor and manage major factors having environmental impacts (GHG, energy, water, waste).
strive to procure environmentally and Socially responsible resources, components, packaging.
develop eco-friendly and low-carbon products and materials and expand our business domain to green business activities.



The company protects the employees from internal risks (HCS, hazardous task, Safety failure),
protect the employees and community from external risks (Natural disasters, fire, pandemic),
strive to reserve natural capital and ecosystem in the community.



The company endorse and support internationally adopted the Charter of Rights and Freedom,
respects all the employees and strive not to be involved in the human right violation,
adheres to the Labor Standards Act and acknowledges the practical freedom of association and collective bargaining,
ban discrimination in all forms and respect diversity in hiring an employee and their works,
ban and prevent sexual harassment in all forms and bullying at work,
ban all forms of forced labor and child labor.



The company pursues ethical business and management in accordance with ethics charter and the code of conduct.
bans all forms of corrupt acts including extortion, bribe, and so forth.



August 19, 2021


Se Gyung Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.

CEO, LEE Yong-min